American Hotel

Mike Brown


The great American road trip is alive and kicking in Mike Brown’s songs. All the mysterious, enchanting back roads that all us romantics sit around daydreaming about come alive on American Hotel. Listening to the album, you can tell Mike’s logged lots of windshield time, that he’s stopped in plenty of small town cafes to break bread with the type of familiar all-American characters we road warriors know so well. They’re what have given Mike’s project legs and taught it to run like no other. Mike and I are kindred spirits, brothers of the open road. We may set out looking for entirely different things — I cruise back roads looking for rusty gold and other junkyard treasures, while Mike hunts down priceless performances — but our missions share a very similar passion. We are both driven by love. There’s no way I could put a price on the new friendships and incredible experiences I’ve had on my journeys, and I’m sure Mike feels the same about the musicians he befriended on his quest, the voices he found sprinkled across the country who together fill this great album. I hope you guys enjoy the result of my fellow picker’s lifelong dream as much as I do. God bless the great American road trip dream!  

Mike Wolfe
Antique Archaeology 
American Pickers
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