Summer begins 

I guess it’s been a bit since I posted anything on here. The spring was busy making records for several bands, playing a bunch of shows and doing the final mixes on my next record. This summer is packed full of shows and come fall I’ll have a new record to share with you guys. I’m excited to show you what I’ve been up to!


It's Still Winter 

So as my last post predicted, this winter has been every bit as crazy as expected. Somehow though I’ve only had one show cancelled due to weather (there were several that maybe should’ve been). But it’s a perfect time of year for working on broken instruments and making plans for the spring. Speaking of instruments, I picked up a 1962 Fender VI that’s getting a ton of use at shows and in the writing of new songs. It’s a sound I didn’t know I was missing until it fell into my lap. Lots of shows/recordings coming up for the duration of the winter months. I’m grateful to be starting off the new year busy when so many other businesses up here tend to slow down. If you’re in the upstate area come out to a show and say hi. I’ll see the rest of you after the thaw!


Western NY Winters 

So for the first season in several years I won’t be getting too far away from the cold. Judging from the last month of weather, I may have picked the wrong year to stay up in this frozen tundra. That being said, I have a bunch of shows this month. You can find those here

November was busy finishing up records for a few friends and doing some overdue repairs to several pieces of gear in the studio. Picked up a couple pretty lovely pieces as well (check out my instagram for details). 

I still don’t have a completion date for my next record, but I’ve been chipping away at it. The best way to stay warm is to keep moving...

It's almost November-go vote! 

It's getting cold here, but that's how it goes this time of year in Geneseo. I played a bunch of great shows over the last 2 months. The time I've been spending with the 1911 Gibson Mandocello has been paying off. It's been making it's way into a good chunk of the live shows. Much of September was spent making progress on my next record with my buddy Alan Weatherhead. There are still some odds and ends to add, but I think Alan's next trip up here will be to do final mixes. Hopefully it'll be ready by springtime. As for other folks' records, Knit Delicate just released a new record, Shelby, that Alan and I produced and partly recorded here at Temperamental Recordings. Also, The Moho Collective has released Soma; the first of 3 records we co-produced and are releasing on the Temperamental Recordings label. Check them out here. Most importantly, the midterm elections are on November 6th. Go vote! Go vote! Go vote!


Artist at Large 

Mike will be playing at the Fall Down Festival in Hannibal NY this coming weekend 9/28/18-9/30/18. He's playing a set each day along and will be sitting in with some of the other great acts that will be there. Here is a link to Mike's write up. The full line up and tickets can be found here. Hope to see you there!

Summer and more 

So summer is closing in. It's been a busy couple of months both in the studio and on the road. My brother got married, I blew up 2 vehicles, rebuilt a Wurlitzer 200 from the bottom up, and survived playing Liberty Fest in Liberty PA (always a treat). There are a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months, including one with Peter Mulvay at the 9th Ward (Babeville) in Buffalo, the Fall Down Festival, and several new places that I've never been to. Check out the shows page for details. Studio wise, I'll be working a bunch on my next record with my good buddy Alan Weatherhead next month. Speaking of Al, he was here a few months back making a record for our friend, Charles and his project Knit Delicate. Stephen Roessner was also here making a record for Chevron Bloom. I'm looking forward to both of those records. Coming up, I'll be spending the entire month of November making a record for Roscoe Bandana from Mississippi. In between then and now, I'll be finishing up records for Loaded Goat, First Ward, Laura Forster, and Justin Kubiak. Oh yeah, I also found my dream electric guitar that I've wanted since I was 13 years old. Check out the photos page to see my Instagram photos. I Hope you are all enjoying these fleeting days of summer. 


New site, etc 

Hey guys. Mike here. I wanted let you all know that we did a total re-build of the site, put up a couple old links from the past, but for the most part this is a new start. The studio page (Temperamental Recordings) will be up and running shortly as well. I plan on doing an update here about once a month. Anything else I'm up to is pretty well documented on my facebook page and instagram account. Also, all upcoming shows can be found on the shows page. The new record is coming along nicely, and I can't want to share it with all of you! See you guys soon!


Mike Brown on the cover of 585 magazine 

"When life gives you lemons, as the popular saying goes, the resourceful among us make lemonade.  

Such is the case with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer-recording engineer, and Geneseo native Mike Brown, who doesn’t shy away from discussing the succession of hand injuries that forced him to come up with the workaround “trilling” method of guitar picking that has to read more

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