Mike Brown on the cover of 585 magazine 

"When life gives you lemons, as the popular saying goes, the resourceful among us make lemonade.  

Such is the case with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer-recording engineer, and Geneseo native Mike Brown, who doesn’t shy away from discussing the succession of hand injuries that forced him to come up with the workaround “trilling” method of guitar picking that has become....click to read more

Buffalo News Interview 

Here's an interview with Mike and Brian Grunert, inside of Temperamental Recordings studio. During the interview, they talk about the GRAMMY nomination for Geneseo, Automatic Music Can be Fun, and what it means to them to be nominated. They also discuss the concept of the package design, the back and forth of how art makes more art, and some history about the studio itself. Enojy!

Democrat & Chronicle Article 


Here's an article in Rochester NY's Democrat & Chronicle about Mike going to the GRAMMYs. The album, Automatic Music Can be Fun by Geneseo (Mike Brown and Zac DeCamp) was up against Jay-Z, David Bowie, Metallica, and Reckless Kelly for best recording package.

Sending Mike to the GRAMMYS 

In 2014, Mike Brown and childhood friend Zac DeCamp made an album named after their hometown, Geneseo. In collaboration with Brian Grunert from White Bicycle, the album was nominated for a GRAMMY. With the help of fans such as yourself, the 'Geneseo' boys were able to raise enough money to fly out and attend the 56th GRAMMY Awards. Check out this link below to learn more about Geneseo and the artists.


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