Summer and more

So summer is closing in. It's been a busy couple of months both in the studio and on the road. My brother got married, I blew up 2 vehicles, rebuilt a Wurlitzer 200 from the bottom up, and survived playing Liberty Fest in Liberty PA (always a treat). There are a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months, including one with Peter Mulvay at the 9th Ward (Babeville) in Buffalo, the Fall Down Festival, and several new places that I've never been to. Check out the shows page for details. Studio wise, I'll be working a bunch on my next record with my good buddy Alan Weatherhead next month. Speaking of Al, he was here a few months back making a record for our friend, Charles and his project Knit Delicate. Stephen Roessner was also here making a record for Chevron Bloom. I'm looking forward to both of those records. Coming up, I'll be spending the entire month of November making a record for Roscoe Bandana from Mississippi. In between then and now, I'll be finishing up records for Loaded Goat, First Ward, Laura Forster, and Justin Kubiak. Oh yeah, I also found my dream electric guitar that I've wanted since I was 13 years old. Check out the photos page to see my Instagram photos. I Hope you are all enjoying these fleeting days of summer. 


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