It's almost November-go vote!

It's getting cold here, but that's how it goes this time of year in Geneseo. I played a bunch of great shows over the last 2 months. The time I've been spending with the 1911 Gibson Mandocello has been paying off. It's been making it's way into a good chunk of the live shows. Much of September was spent making progress on my next record with my buddy Alan Weatherhead. There are still some odds and ends to add, but I think Alan's next trip up here will be to do final mixes. Hopefully it'll be ready by springtime. As for other folks' records, Knit Delicate just released a new record, Shelby, that Alan and I produced and partly recorded here at Temperamental Recordings. Also, The Moho Collective has released Soma; the first of 3 records we co-produced and are releasing on the Temperamental Recordings label. Check them out here. Most importantly, the midterm elections are on November 6th. Go vote! Go vote! Go vote!


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